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There are hosting services that offer really affordable prices, but they don’t have the best speeds to impress users. If you do happen to implement one of these services, you have to be aware of the issue and also if you are sending email to users your actual service service offers, you have to ask them about it.

The long-awaited update to Cloudflares CDN distribution script means we can now respond to a large amount of incoming web requests and we hope that this will improve the customer experience even further. To try this out, check out the image below and try to measure the performance of your web site, and there are services of wordpress hosting which are also useful for this.

Cloudflare have been working hard with Google to get this to work. If you are experiencing a lot of extra load or load times, please visit Google and file a request for more accurate data.

A recent blog post from Cloudflare’s Mike Doyle noted that in some circumstances, users were experiencing problems getting their sites to load faster. In the case of customer sites, these had been due to bad record sets or slow connections on their end. It was the users in this case who were affected and given that they were unaware of this, they had simply neglected to change their DNS settings to their desired service. Cloudflare have been working hard to work around this issue and so far the latest release of CDN distribution script provides a solution to this.

We know that it can be a bit of a tricky problem to solve but if you haven’t installed CDN distribution script yet, you will have to do so.

UPDATE: The image above is from an upcoming automated script that will follow some of the instructions above and keep this up to date. You should see an improvement in your performance but please note, it’s only intended for large sites that are still quite a ways away from the majority of Cloudflare customers.

If you want to see how fast your site is currently rendering on Cloudflare, go here and enter your hostname in the box.

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