The John Lewis Christmas Ad 2013 – The bear and the hare!

The new John Lewis ad cost £1 million – yikes – and brings Lily Allen, subtly and sweetly (Very ‘un Lily’), back onto the British TV scene as she sings along to the Disney-esque tale. I know a few people got a bit weepy the first time they saw it – me included. And I’m not sure if it was because I was so happy to see an actual cartoon on the TV (Disney deprivation) or because it was based around a group of forest animals. Who doesn’t love a good bear/hare drama? Well I do. Of course it’s not your obvious yuletide casting. Perhaps a reindeer and a robin may have been more festive? But, there is something about the endearing hare and the lonely bear which draws you in and pulls at the heart strings.

Then again John Lewis got us going with Snowmen last year! What are we like? They are trying to break apart our rigid stiff-upper lips and it’s working. As the hare delivers the bear a Christmas gift in his cosy cave, we all feel compelled to go and spread some festive cheer don’t we? Marks and Spencer’s ‘Magic and Sparkle’ advert is certainly entertaining too. Rosie-Huntington Whiteley prancing around in silk red underwear as she pretends to be Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy (the OZ one) is a lovely spectacle no doubt. But I am not so convinced it’s spreading the festive cheer Santa has in mind… It’s also a bit too long. Well done John Lewis for doing it ‘Old School’ and reminding all those grumpy bears out there – It’s Christmas! Emerge from your caves and have a Baileys.

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