INTERVIEW WITH A FRIEND – Isabelle: Bonjour London

“Congratulations, you are on your way,” said the fortune cookie which would inspire one twenty four year old Parisian to follow her interest in journalism and move to London.

Isabelle never had a career plan but during the last few years “became increasingly curious about journalism”. She is now undertaking a Masters in International Journalism at Brunel University.

Living and studying in Morocco and Paris, the last few years have seen Isabelle work for Yves St Laurent’s famous Le Jardin Majorelle and Yahya Creation, a British company specializing in art and luxury furniture.

But why did she choose to pursue journalism? “I find the world fascinating. Natural disasters, energy use, conflicts… our daily life is a constant adaptation. I am willing to play a part in that chicken and eggs situation, and maybe help in my way by being a journalist.”

As a native French speaker, learning in English does pose certain challenges.

“Sometimes it is frustrating. When I can’t express my thoughts properly I feel really powerless.”

However, “I find our class united and it is truly reassuring to find people I can count on to support me when I miss something. Our course is so interesting, guests speakers are impressive and professors really helpful.”

She enjoys writing about art and literature. However, the Masters and a recent BBC Working in Hostile Environments workshop is making the role of foreign correspondent more attractive.

She is not despondent about the supposed crisis in journalism.

“I would say it is a revolution. Journalists will not disappear, they will adapt”.

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