Breakfast Club: Sweet Style

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”
Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

You know those days when you really want something sweet for breakfast but you are trying to fit into those skinny jeans? I have just the thing to satisfy your cravings.

When spinach, kale, spirulina or carrot smoothies seem a tad too ‘green and extreme’ for 7am in the morning, try this uber simple breakfast potion. It has zillions of health benefits, will keep you full until lunch time and feels naughty because it tastes so damn good (thus making it even better).

I know this can hardly be deemed a recipe but it gives you an idea of how you can spice up your breakfast even when you’re counting the calories.

You’ll need:

One portion of porridge (about 30g or just use one of the portioned sachets – you can buy boxes of them in all major supermarkets)

1 kiwi (peeled and chopped into chunks)

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Skimmed Milk

Place your porridge and milk in a bowl and microwave for 1 minute, stir, then microwave for another minute. Give it another stir, place chopped and skinned kiwi on top, drizzle a small amount of honey and scatter some cinnamon. Voila! So delicious and so easy to whip up. (Also it’s only about 250/300 calories which is a bonus)

Now to explain to goodness and why this breakfast is going to make your bod a very happy bunny indeed…


  • Can boost libido by helping to re-balance testosterone and oestrogen in the body
  • It’s great for hangovers! Oats neutralise acidity levels in the body and help absorb toxins
  • It contains one of the highest levels of soluble fibre of any cereal (essential for healthy digestion)
  • It might help you quit smoking?! Compounds in oats can help calm the nervous system and reduce the craving for nicotine
  • It’s fantastic for your skin. Evidence suggests that the anti-inflammatory compounds in porridge oats can help conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  • It help to fight off nasty infections. Of all the cereals, porridge has the best proportion of protein needed for growth and repair in the body and to help boost the immune system
  • It helps fight heart disease
  • It reduces diabetes risk by absorbing sugar from the gut and cutting the need for large quantities of insulin to be released
  • It helps you stay on the ball! The slow releasing complex carbs in oats sustain energy levels, allowing full concentration to be maintained (essential for all the busy bees out there). Complex carbs also stabilise and raise blood sugar levels
  • Feeling a bit low? Porridge can help! It’s high in Vitamin B6, which promotes the brain chemical serotonin – the happy chemical! Serotonin also aids relaxation and restful sleep
  • Feeling bloated? High-fibre foods such as porridge increase the movement of food through the digestive tract
  • It can help you stay slim. Porridge oats are 100 per cent natural and are naturally low in calories
  • It helps fight cancer. Oats are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which protects the body from the damaging free radicals that can cause cancer
  • It contains essential minerals – manganese, which is essential in allowing the body to produce energy as well as helping to build bones and connective tissue and zinc – which is needed for normal growth, sexual development and reproduction, and a healthy immune system
  • It reduces blood pressure
  • Finally, it can help you live longer! Britain’s longest living man, David Henderson, from Montrose, Scotland, who died in 1998 at 109, attributed his age and good health to a daily bowl of porridge. This could be because the lipids present in oats contain a good balance of essential fatty acids which have been linked to longevity and general good health

Skimmed Milk

  • It provides a rich source of protein
  • It’s a source of calcium. Several tissues in your body – including your pancreas, muscles and nerves – need small amounts of calcium to function. Your bones and teeth also rely on calcium
  • It gives you a shot of Vitamins A and D


  • It boosts your immune system, works just as full natural vitamins
  • It helps you lose weight
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease. Honey mixed with cinnamon (like in this recipe) has been shown to revitalize the arteries and veins of the heart and reduce cholesterol in the blood by up to 10%. When taken on a regular basis, this honey-cinnamon mixture may reduce the risk of heart attacks and stop another from occurring in people who have already suffered one
  • It soothes indigestion
  • It bolsters your energy levels. The natural sugars in honey provide a healthy source of calories and energy for the body. Plus, using honey for an energy boost also answers the human body’s innate craving for something sweet! Guilty as charged…


  • Numerous studies show that cinnamon regulates blood sugar
  • It has natural anti-infectious compounds
  • It reduces pain linked to arthritis
  • It contains fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese
  • It’s been proven effective for menstrual cramps and infertility. How? Well, it contains a natural chemical called cinnamaldehyde, which studies show increases the hormone progesterone and decreases testosterone production in women, helping to balance hormones


  • Helps Your Digestion
  • It’s great for your skin
  • Helps Manage Blood Pressure
  • Protects from DNA Damage
  • Kiwi’s high vitamin C content along with other antioxidant compounds has been proven to boost the immune system
  • Helps with Weight Loss. Kiwi’s low GI and high fiber content means it will not create a strong insulin rush like other fruit with high sugar contents — so the body will not respond by storing fat
  • Kiwis are a great source of fiber so can help with digestion


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