Blogs: Exposing the Reality

 “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather today and, having finished the entire third season of American Horror story, thought I would be a little proactive and put pen to paper. Or keypad to screen as is the custom these days. Essay will have to wait.

I was perusing another blog today. You know one of those ones where the writer inserts perfectly styled portraits into the piece and drops little hints about their perfect life: expensive restaurants, spontaneous trips to luxury resorts and prince charming, tick. I know these lifestyle blogs are popular, hey, the proof’s in the pudding. Many of these bloggers make a living writing this way.

A few months ago I may have said: ‘That seems pretty cool, maybe I could be famous one day for selling a perfectly framed snapshot of my life’. However, I quickly realised I don’t have the ability to look like a supermodel when I ‘pop’ for coffee and I sometimes like days in my pyjamas which definitely wouldn’t do. But more importantly, I recognized that this kind of supercilious reading material makes most people feel like shit.

It may inspire you to indulge in a new outfit for Spring, but essentially it makes you feel inadequate, not pretty, rich or fun enough. It makes you feel like your life is second best. Am I right? If you look at the comment sections of such blogs, words like ‘jealous’, ‘envious’, ‘lucky’ seem to crop up a lot. These blogs don’t connect us. They alienate us from reality and what really matters.

We are all the same in many ways. Most of us harbour the same anxieties about growing up, love, money, the future and friendships. So instead of praising blogs where the writer seems to exist in a fluffy pink cloud of candyfloss, let’s keep it real for a change. Let’s write about our journeys -food, travel, celebrations, achievements etc, but let’s do it in a way that unites and brings about positivity, not alienation.

Reader – your life is important and you are beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Blogs: Exposing the Reality

  1. Hi Cousin

    Greetings from Dubai !!!

    I have been reading your blog, well all I can say is WOW, you have a real talent Jessamy and are smart enough to have found the reason you were put on this planet (which very few people do), which for you is to write (that is just so obvious).

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    All our Love

    Mark, Karen, Sarah and Michael XXX

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