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I’ve been a very Bad Blogger recently, and deserve to spend 5 minutes in the naughty corner, I know. It’s not dreaded writers block, only that life has well and truly taken over during the last 6 weeks, which means there’s lots to catch up on. But that’s life isn’t it? If you aren’t out there living, what’s there to write about other than new pillows and particularly flavoursome cups of twinings?!

Safe to say, I’ve been busier than ever and that’s something that won’t change anytime soon. I’m about to start my dissertation (gah!) and am in the process of finding a job, but at least it’s almost summer. That means work breaks in the sizzling sunshine, rum heavy pina coladas and lots of running through sprinklers…. Who am I kidding?! This is Britain… #PleasePassMyElectricBlanket

No, hopefully this summer will be a stunner. And even if it’s not, (cue Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song) I’m off to Djerba (an island off the coast of Tunisia) in a month.


A bikini holiday also means I better ramp up the smoothie routine.


And tone down the champagne and panna cotta Mondays at Il Bordello.


I’m not usually one for all inclusive, package deals. Brits Abroad isn’t really my kind of thing darling. However, we couldn’t turn down the ridiculously cheap deal we managed to find at the Sentido Djerba Beach. It’s perfect for what we’re after. A week of no stress, laying on the beach, crystal clear water and sun. Also, there’s FREE COCKTAILS. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that so loudly.

But I’m running away with myself. Let’s rewind a little.

After my last post, I took a quick skip and a hop over to the Reuters Institute in Canary Wharf, where students and journalists gathered for a glorious morning of awards, champagne, lemon tarts and chit-chat.



Many hours later, we were mingling at a nearby All-Bar-One where plans were being made to conquer the future of journalism! 5 hours after that, things had quickly descended into a blur of Long Island iced teas, spicy chicken and men doing the duck face.


You honestly never know where London nights will take you…

I became Scorsese for the day and filmed an almighty, Oscar worthy… Pancake Day festival. Head here to check it out. It wasn’t grand and it certainly wasn’t hard news, but it was a great experience and truly put my filming, presenting and interview skills to the test.


I decided to chop off some of my blonde-turned- chloriney-green hair and go back to the dark side. The colour is actually fading pretty fast so I may have to give it another go before my drinks do this weekend. That’s what I love about hair, you can always revamp, restyle and rework. Things are never set in stone when it comes to your locks.


I spent 2 weeks as an Editorial Intern at Food and Travel Magazine.


Green plants, travel guides, cookery books and freebie food/drink samples were scattered all over the office. It wasn’t Vogue, it wasn’t ultra modern or even stylish, but it had character, soul and colleagues who played The Eagles and gave me chocolate, perfecto!


After being quickly introduced to everyone in the Editorial and Advertising teams, I was put to work straight away. By the end of the first few days I was fully immersed within the Editorial team, taking on a variety of tasks, from article research and image sourcing to writing and fact-checking. It definitely was not one of those tea making internships.

My first task was to gather images for a Top 50 UK Cookery Schools feature, which involved chasing down each school, speaking to their PR rep and gathering photos. I then wrote about many of the schools – a great test of quickly writing to house style and brief.

Up next was the ’48 Hour City Trip’ section, the ‘Three For’ restaurant review page and ‘Hotel news’.

My lunch breaks were mostly spent sunbathing or moseying around Battersea park which was a 5 minute walk from the office.


It’s huuuuge, and even has a lake in the middle where you can hire boats or pedalos in the summer. I’ll definitely be heading back there, picnic basket, girlfriends and sunnies in tow.


The time finally came at the end of the second week for my newly acquired InDesign skills to do their thang, when I was asked to design and write the contents page. Thank you Masters, for not letting me look like a total techno retard (as is often the case).


It was 5pm on my last day before I knew it. We all guzzled some champagne, said our farewells and I was on my way.

The Saturday after my work placement consisted of walking along Southbank to the Real Food Festival.



There was all manner of yummy concoctions, from pulled pork and paella to white chocolate brownies and pimms. It was Gwyneth Paltrow’s absolute nightmare. Not a bowl of cabbage soup in sight.

The festival was only temporary, but if you fancy a cheeky treat at any time of year, head to the Bleecker St.Burger Truck next to the skatepark, in front of the Southbank centre. It’s right on the river so you won’t miss it.

You’re in for something truly special. Go for the double cheese burger and angry fries (with chilli and blues cheese on top) –taste bud ecstasy my friend. Head to their website to see times and other locations.


It was time to head home to Guernsey for a few weeks to get away from it all.


I met with my old friends Gem, Kelly and Minky, took long walks on the beach, slept (a lot), drank ginger beer on the terrace and practiced yoga with my mum (or Min as we all call her).













I also experienced the most bizarre pub evening of my life – I won an Easter egg and my mum won a leg of lamb (?!). Old men wearing Stetsons wandered past our table (to the beat of a live country music band) and people were cooking on stone slabs. Points for randomness.

After a few business meetings and a dose of party planning for July, it was time to jet off once again.

I arrived back in London a few days ago and it’s been a flurry of emails, Sex and the City episodes, weekend planning and writing.


It’s great to be back in the city.

Until next time! (I promise it will be sooner, my sources tell me Saturday could bring some juicy gossip)



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