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Jessamy Baldwin is an avid globetrotter and Bristol based freelance writer & editor.

She was born and raised in the Channel Islands where she fostered a passion for writing at a young age. An insatiable explorer, she has lived and worked in Guernsey, Malawi, the UK and New Zealand – fulfilling a variety of editorial and content creation roles over the past 7 years.

After completing several coveted internships in the UK, Jessamy hit the ground running as a news reporter for a top national daily newspaper. She was then offered a job in government communications in New Zealand. Her entrepreneurial spirit encouraged her to start her own content business aged just 26, meaning she now collaborates with numerous international clients.

In any role, her favourite job is working with interesting people to tell great stories to as large an audience as possible. She holds a BA in English Literature (University of Warwick) and an MA in International Journalism (Brunel University). She writes about travel, food, health & well-being, history, literature and current affairs among other topics. In her spare time, you’ll find her travelling the world, hiking with her dog, listening to country music or sipping on cosmopolitans.

Jessamy’s portfolio includes: GrabCAD, Stylus, HOTH blogger, Travel Solutions, GSYLIFE, Best of Bristol, Black Vanilla, The Partnership Agency, Nothing in the Rule Book, Litro: Literary Magazine, The Guernsey Press, Blue Skies, Envoyage, I Do, Guru, Le Nurb, Bath Chronicle (Trinity Mirror), Guernsey Now, GBG, Unmapped, Journalism.co.uk, WannabeHacks, Launchpad, LivingLife, Food and Travel, Female First/The Sun/IMDB/Virgin Media/TV Guide and Sunday World via BANG Showbiz, Waikato Regional Council communications, Louvre Group

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Want to work with Jessamy?

Contact her at jessamy.baldwin@gmail.com

Freelance services offered:

  • journalism – articles, columns, features
  • copywriting
  • reviews
  • press releases
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • research

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