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Jessamy Baldwin is an avid globetrotter and Bristol based freelance writer and journalist. She has a BA in English Literature, an MA in International Journalism and writes about travel, food, history, literature and current affairs among other topics. She has worked in New Zealand as a communications advisor within government relations and as a newspaper columnist, in Malawi as an English teacher, in the Channel Islands as a news reporter and in the UK as a deputy editor in chief and freelance journalist. Always on the look-out for her next adventure and the perfect ‘cosmo’, Jessamy’s dream is to keep exploring the world, pen, paper and camera in hand.

Follow her daily snaps on Instagram @JessamyBaldwin

See what she’s got to say on Twitter  @jessamy_baldwin

Want to work with Jessamy?

Contact her at jessamy.baldwin@gmail.com

Services offered:

  • freelance journalism (news, lifestyle, travel, history, literature)
  • social media manegement
  • column writing
  • reviews (food, books, film)
  • web copy writing
  • press releases
  • video production management
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • research
  • communications advice
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  1. Just caught up with your stuff. The Occupation, Dordogne, Agatha Christie and a few more bits to come. Don’t read Dan Brown or the Grauniad. Brain rot results. Drop me a note please.

    The Un-Godfather

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